The Simple Trick to Making Music With Impact (It’s Easy)

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9 Responses

  1. Richard (A.E. Dynamo) says:

    As always , great article!
    I appreciate the helpful tips!
    I will probably use some of these techniques for my remix I am making for one of my favorite bands! (Yeah, the pressure!!!)
    I have presumed that you like classical music, right?
    I am a big fan of it!
    I actually strive to make my music like a modern form of the quality music from the past!
    Quality is very important to me!!!

    Please check out my new tune when you get a chance; I would really appreciate a critique from a mixing expert’s standpoint!
    Have a good one my friend!

  2. frankie says:

    you are perfectly right!

  3. Dean Anthony says:

    Thanks a Ton man!

    Here’s a song example of what you’re saying, I took parts out where they had been going the whole time, added a lot more of a swoosh to the trackflow

    • says:

      Sounds pretty cool, I like the soundscapes. Do you have a before-after? Would be nice to hear what you’ve been able to do exactly.

  4. Chief Thomson says:

    Heya , thanks a lot for the inspiration. I found this 10 years old track and reworked it.
    Before it was just 4 minutes with all instruments… like too much minimal or so ;))

    • says:

      Leaving the beat out here and there (I assume that’s some of what you did?) looks to have been very effective! At least makes my head nod in agreement ;-).

      By the way, that staccato like synth in the breakdown section around 2.30 sounds really nice. The silence at 3.20 works as well, but to me it felt just a little bit too long now. If I wasn’t watching the waveform, I would’ve probably assumed the song was over.

      Nice job though! Glad to see it helped you 🙂

      • Chief Thomson says:

        Yeah, I know it hardly feels like the end…, the better finally the surprise I assume ;))

  5. Jabulisa Mazibuko says:

    I recently did this for a project. The results were amazing. It was to easier to execute the production and amplify the overall quality of the beat just by removing instruments and flying them over to the next bar. A beat will never fully build its character or ‘true character’ if all or most of the instruments are all playing at once. The message of the song deflects and it becomes very messy.

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