15 Ways to Be a Mediocre Producer Nobody Will Listen to

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17 Responses

  1. Richard (A.E. Dynamo) says:

    Another helpful article!
    Thanks again !
    I definitely think I will start utilizing these ideas!

  2. Fresh says:

    I 100% agree with these, except for number 3.

    While this depends a lot on the person, and I bet there are tons of people who never use their 8 bar loops again, for me personally and I’m willing to bet a lot of people these can be a goldmine.

    If you properly organize these loops and keep the project files and stems, you are basically building your own sample library. Basically all of my tracks are mashups of my own tracks where I’ve taken a drum loop I’ve made sometime ago and put it together with some sample chops from another track. Then I’ve thrown a bassline from a third track on there and had a finished product.

    I’d change it to “properly organize your 8 bar loops”.

  3. Sam Matla says:

    Absolutely fantastic post, !

    I love tip number 12 too. A lot of producers look down on pop music as they think it’s “easy” to make. I personally find it challenging, there’s an art to making something catchy and enticing. It’s a whole different ball game to making a 7-minute long progressive dance track.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    • says:

      Thanks a lot, Sam!

      Love your work as well, by the way – definitely let me know if you want to work together sometime!

  4. Novocaine says:

    Haha, man do I have a lot of 8-bar loops lying around from the old days 🙂

    Great article — definitely the right things (not) to do!

    • says:

      Well, as Fresh pointed out in his comment, it can always be good to revisit some old loops just to see if there’s anything worthwhile to turn into a song!

      Just don’t keep adding to the pile too much :-p.

  5. frankie(n) says:

    nice idea!

  6. Kim Noble says:

    another really great article–one of my favs to read (even with the curse words—yes!–I can be a bit of a prude but have come off my high horse for this business!) 🙂 Seriously though–you write so as to leave the reader feel both challenged and encouraged. I think a hard intersection in this business! 🙂 ~ Kim 🙂

    • says:

      Heh, I guess I felt a bit frustrated at the time of writing, hence the less-than-catholic language here and there :-).

      Thanks though! Glad you like the article!

  7. Iyube says:

    This post is full of great advice! The 8 bar loop comment was on the money as well!

  8. Jack Nguyen says:

    Simply outstanding. , I must admit you are excellent. Nobody, I believe, has pointed out, these silly but important mistakes so vividly. Sometimes, we just don’t understand where we got stuck, this article will surely help all the new musicians to find their way out.

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