Reason SDK 2: time for Native Instruments to step up?

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3 Responses

  1. normen says:

    The reason NI and Reason don’t make a good marriage is that NI plugins intend to give a systematic order to the DAW and Reason intends to give a systematic order to the plugins. Like many NI plugins bring a rack to the DAW. In Reason they’d bring a rack to the rack.. unless NI completely drinks the Reason koolaid and modularizes their stuff “into” Reason. You get a much better chance for what you want (instruments) with new reason-specific sampler instruments.

    And if you really want Kontakt or any NI instrument with Reason, run it standalone alongside of Reason and use the MIDI out function of Reason to play it, why expect two people to marry to be able to sit in their kitchen when you can just invite both into your kitchen? 😉

    • says:

      You make a very good point, Normen. One that I am actually planning to write a follow up post on.
      It’s been brought to my attention that with the new SDK, there’s a much better way for sample library devs to integrate samples in reason (e.g. the new acoustic guitarist RE).

      To be continued 😉

  2. guerryjazz says:

    I think native ins never will do a RE version because they want people to use their daw, not reason.. I think would be more realistic if propellerhead studies massive and do a similar versión.. Thor simply is not enough

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