How To Get Realistic Drums – With Drumdrops Drum Samples

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3 Responses

  1. Floyd Kelly says:

    Thank you for this great article – in a nutshell you summarized what I have been going through in my development as a music producer. In fact, my current musical single (out in a few days) contains drum beats that I manually entered, one-by-one, complete with velocity, swing and manicured to fit with the music. It was laborious, yes, but oh so much fun. I’m one of these folks that does not like the use of premade drum sounds and I don’t use a single drum making technique or third-party software – all my music is handmade – and now that I am at a “pinnacle” so-to-speak in my production knowledge, leaving the sound of drums last (sadly) – I’ve finally emboldened myself to move forward with some pride – it takes a lot of work to not only plug in drum notes, but to adjust all the EQ settings for the right sound mix with the harmonies, vocals, etc. Thank you again for the article – wish to see more specifics on this topic such as the different EQ ranges and what they do to the sound of the drum beat. FLoyd

    • says:

      Thanks Floyd, sounds like a really good suggestion to follow up with specifics on mixing your drums.

      Its an important process so I agree I should devote some time to it!

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