How to make your music sound amazing

It’s not about mixing.
It’s not about producing.
It’s not about composing.
It’s not even about playing.

It’s about how to make your music sound amazing.

And not one thing you could do will ever be the holy grail for achieving that goal.

Image by sffoghorn

Image by sffoghorn

You can have an amazing production, but if the mix sucks; no one will care.
And the same is true in reverse. An awesome mix can never leverage a boring composition.

As a soundcoach, I want to help you gain the necessary skills to get your music to the next level. Because that’s what it’s all about. I want to help you to make great sounding tracks.


Let’s say you’ve got an awesome idea for a song and you want to get it out there. That’s a noble goal. That’s even a great goal. And if you’ve got enough willpower, you will succeed.

But it’s going to take some time and effort.

I’ve been in your position. I know how someone usually gets into this game. Allow me to share with you the short version of my story.

playing in the studioI started out with only a guitar in my hands. I wanted to be able to play this amazing instrument. I was completely captivated. Fast forward a couple of years of practicing up to 5 hours every day and I got to a level where I was comfortable playing almost anything on my guitar. But then came some technological advances and I soon realised that I could actually record and track music myself to make a complete composition! Like in a real studio!

And so I learned how to compose. I like to think I got reasonably good at it. And then I learned how to record. I recorded. And I was doing everything by the books.

But my music was sounding anything but professional. There I was, a good player and composer after years of practice… but somehow still lacking the skills to push out a great sounding song.

Frustrating. Very, very frustrating. Let me tell you. I honestly didn’t know what was wrong.

Until I realised that I still needed to expand my skill set. I needed to learn not only how to compose music, but how to produce music as well. I could make the most interesting composition – but none of them turned out sounding great. It was only when I started to really pay attention to the sound and not only the music that I was able to finally get somewhere.

Still though… well played, well composed, well produced… It was all starting to get good, but still not quite GREAT.

That’s when I got real deep into mixing. And I discovered this is the phase where you can take something that is good and actually turn it into something jaw-dropping.

Image by pagedooley

Image by pagedooley

Now, what I want you to remember from my story, how I got into making music and the steps I’ve taken, is that there is not a single thing you can do to make your music sound great! I needed to go through all the steps I went through to get my music at the level where it is at right now. If you want to get a great sound, you need to start thinking about how to get the best out of each step.

Be it playing, composing, producing or mixing your music, you need to continually ask yourself:

How does this sound?

I learned that achieving a great sound is about getting things to sound the best possible at every step of the way.

If it sounds good, it is good

A well known quote referenced by many on every possible occasion. You might even call it a bit of a cliché by now. But to me, this simple quote really embodies everything music is about. In fact, it represents everything I stand for.

Because that’s exactly what is here to help you with.

I will teach you how to make your music sound amazing.

At we will venture deep into the rabbit hole and explore mixing tips and producing tips, learn how to create great sounds and get a feel for composing and arranging with a great sound in mind.

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Hope to see you around!
– Soundcoach