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Improve your mixing by editing your tracks first! 1

Editing tracks – Start To Mix 3

Editing tracks is the best way to start off any DAW mixing session! In episode 3 of Start To Mix, we talk about editing tracks. The first things you can do in the DAW to start making it sound great!

Start your mixing session with good organizing! 1

Organizing for an efficient mixing workflow! – Start To Mix 2

Start early with making your mixing workflow as efficient as possible! Your mixing workflow is immensely important if you don’t want to lose any time when mixing. Therefor, it’s best to start off early in the project file with some quick and easy things you can do to speed things up considerably during mixing! In episode 2, we delve into the importance of coloring your tracks, naming conventions, a default order, creating track stacks and as a bonus: a way to create a default channel strip setting in Logic Pro X. All that is going to help you immensely with...

Prepare for mixing your songs 4

Preparing for mixing – Start To Mix 1

Start To Mix is a new and comprehensive video series about how to mix your music. We’ll look at everything from starting off and preparing yourself and your files, to the different techniques involved for creating a great mix. In episode 1, we talk a little bit about the necessary things to get right from the beginning: exporting stems, project management and a good mixing environment. Finished watching? Move on to the next episode!